Shoppers Stop: The Shopping Spree Phenomenon

Are you a shopaholic and can’t seem to get enough of all that you need?

Are you constantly on the lookout for fashionable brands and the products that they have to offer? Is that Armani necktie already out of fashion in your wardrobe and those Diesel Jeans seem a tad too tight fit for your comfort? All this shopping is definitely taking a toll on your pocket as well.

Buying merchandise from abroad entails two basic cost components. One such component is the direct cost associated with the product that you are purchasing. Stated differently, the maximum retail price of the article of your choice will have to be borne by you.

The next component dealing with the cost to be borne is shipping charges and import duties. This will probably be the worrisome part of any purchase. Exorbitant shipping charges and potentially steep import duties hike the price of the article of your choice. It may then seem impractical to go in for such buys on the part of the consumer. But fret not as we are here to educate you on a term called spree shopping that will greatly reduce your costs for buying articles from abroad.

What is Spree Shopping, I hear you ask?

The online shopping experience is not new to most people, the lure of benefiting from a strong exchange rate and cheap deals from overseas suppliers is becoming more and more commonplace. So far so good right? That’s until you hit the checkout button and find that shipping can be up to 30% of the price of the product. Much like those cheap airfares that you see advertise that conveniently leave out the $300+ dollars in fuel surcharges.

So what makes spree shopping any different? Think of it like supercharged group shopping. Imagine suddenly having 50 “friends” to share the costs of shipping. While shipping costs will be higher as a group, the ability to split and pay only for your weight will allow you to save much more. Instead of footing the whole cost for shipping, you now only have to pay a small portion of the total shipping cost.

One secondary benefit of spree shopping, we all have seen those offers if you spend more than $250 you get free shipping or buy 2 pairs of jeans and get 1 free. By buying as a group, access to bulk buy discounts or offers becomes more attainable due to the large purchase.

Spree shopping implies that you order your article of choice online from various websites and get those articles delivered to your doorstep at the bare minimal of shipping charges. Sounds similar to what you are doing now? Here is the catch, instead of just you paying for the shipping, you participate in a collective shipping agreement to save on shipping by doing so in bulk.

Sounds Awesome doesn’t it?

The only catch is like all group experiences, there must be someone in charge or to organised things. Just like how shipping costs are reduced, by the same measure logistic problems increase by the factor of the number of people involved. One would need to find these “friends”, manage the orders from various people, deal with stocking, shipping and finally distribution of all the articles bought. One could obviously undertake to do everything on their own, but thankfully buying agents and shopping spree organizers are slowly establishing themselves to offer this new alternative to your online shopping arsenal.

So what are you waiting for, organize a spree with your friends or be a part of a spree and make your dollar stretch further.