Safe and Easy Gift Shopping on Online Classified Ad Postings

For holidays, birthdays or other occasions, online classified ad postings can be handy tools to get this sometimes chaotic event taken care of much more smoothly. To begin your gift shopping you should head to your favorite classified ad site and take a few things into consideration.

Is the item you are looking for heavy? If so, you may want to look more locally so that you can pick up the item yourself and not incur what can sometimes be pretty incredible shipping cost depending on the weight and bulk of the item.

Are you buying for someone with unique or unusual taste? Maybe it is a first edition book or even a collection of Star Wars figures, some gifts just may never make the classified ads. Often, this is simply because some people may have old books, toys, or other things tucked away that even they may not think has much value. And in some cases, this may be true. However, everyone has heard the old saying ‘One mans trash is another mans treasure’, and this is indeed the truth.

The best way to do your gift shopping for this kind of collector, is to perhaps put out your own ‘want’ ad that explains what you are looking for, where you are located, and what you are willing to pay. Those who run small gift shops, pawn shops, and other retail stores based on second hand products, are also some of the very people who peruse the classified ad sites to in fact, find that one person who would love to take that old first edition book off of their hands.

Keep in mind a few tips and tricks when purchasing gifts via classified ad sites that can help you be certain you will get the item you are looking for, without risking your financial, or even personal safety.

Never give away your home address. If you are the shopper, there is little reason for someone to ask you for this info. If they do, be wary and end the call as soon as possible.

Never submit to a sellers obscure method of payment. If they tell you they have their own methods or manners of accepting credit card information, ask to pay by cash, check or money order. If the seller refuses to allow this and demands your credit card or banking information, give up on the gift and end communications via email or phone.

Depending on the gift you are getting and any aspects of that gift that are important such as trademark stamps, artist signatures, or any other information that shows the authenticity of an item, ask the seller for clear pictures that show these items before you buy.